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New branding launch for online shop Our Story Time

When Huma from Our Story Time approached me through instagram to refresh the branding for her online store I was so excited to work with her. I had a look at her shop and immediately fell in love with the feel of all of the products.


The Our Story Time store is filled with wondrous finds, it’s an escape into an imaginary world of fantastical lands, full of wild and spirited characters. The name of the store is inspired by Huma’s favourite moment of the day, when she reads stories to and with her 3 boys.


For the new look and feel of Our Story Time we thought at length about how to create something timeless, with a hint of a whimsical nature. Although the store has beautiful things that could be bought for children, it’s not a store FOR children. It’s for those that want more from an online shop, it’s a world that you can step into, a different (better...) way of thinking and seeing our own world.


Here's the gorgeous mood board for this project



The logo needed to be refined and timeless, so we settled on customised typography for the main logo, a bold serif font with hints of magic sprinkled into other areas of the branding. See below the original type face, and how different the feel of the typography is once it's been customised and arranged into the logotype.


The main logo design with customised typography



The original typeface




The secondary logo version with magic sprinkled in. The three stars symbolise Huma's three little boys.



The gold foil business cards <3



The gorgeous rich colour palette



Custom layered graphics and typography styling for the 'About' page



The monogram design with the stars incorporated as serif points



Thank you card designs using the 'drop cap' concept. Huma calls these her Storycards which I love!



Rust orange and gold, such a unique combination



I love how this project turned out and Huma was delighted with the end results.


"Meg took my request to create something timeless, magical, and curious and created something I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. Now more than ever before, I feel Our Story Time is embracing its meaning - a world of emotion for you to step into and let wash over you. I feel like this new design is the final flourish to make that castle in the air a reality."


Take a look at the Our Story Time website to discover the magical products that live there.


If you're looking at branding or rebranding your business I'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch here.


If you're not quite ready to dive into a professional brand design you can download my FREE branding guide 'The Blossoming brand Blueprint' here




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