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Logo and brand design for Andrea Dalton Wellness - based in Mildura, Victoria.

Andrea found me via Pinterest and said she had struggled previously to find a designer that could bring the vision she had for her business to life.


She knew that she wanted the idea of ‘balance’ represented in her brand design, and was able to articulate so well what that meant to her and how it fitted within her business, so it was just a case of me joining the dots and pulling everything together.

Andrea is a wellness mentor, naturopathy student, and hot yoga teacher. The common thread between her three sectors is that with each, she is always aiming to help you find the balance in your life. It is always there waiting to be discovered.

Through Andrea Dalton Consulting, she helps her clients tap into that ever present balance, moving them past the conflicts and problems they may be experiencing in their lives.

Through Balance Hot Yoga she runs classes, so that many people can benefit from the mind and body balancing benefits of yoga.

And through her overarching brand, Andrea Dalton Wellness, she shares tips and advice on nutrition and general wellbeing, along with her naturopathy practice.


The botanical mark with twisting stems. The mark is inspired by the two intertwined kundalini snakes that represent harmony and the balance of two opposites.


Andrea said:


"Meg was able to capture my many ideas and the differences in each of my ventures and pull them together better then I could imagine. She was extremely fast and so professional. I absolutely recommend her if you need any work done, isn't it amazing that we can work with such talented professionals all over the world, Thank you Meg, very grateful for your work and patience with me."


See all the details of Andrea's brand design below, starting with the mood board.















If you're looking at branding or rebranding your business I'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch here.


If you're not quite ready to dive into a professional brand design you can download my FREE branding guide 'The Blossoming brand Blueprint' here.




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Hi! I'm Meg, the Brand Stylist
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