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Logo and brand design for online marketing coach A Branch of Holly

Holly is a marketing coach for bloggers and business owners, and creates so much helpful content in the form of blog posts, videos, and now a podcast! She didn’t previously have a logo although she has been in business for years, so I felt so honoured to be able to bring some strategic and expressive design to her brand. Holly was looking to take her business to the next level so it was the perfect time to have her branding created.

Clean and crisp lines, a beautiful, meaningful wreath mark, and a luxurious but inviting colour palette create a modern and timeless look


See all the details below starting with the mood board.






Above is a representation of a wreath, and I knew I didn’t want to include actual Holly leaves because branding doesn’t always need to be so literal and obvious. Often, you can create more compelling and professional looking branding when you take a more symbolic approach over a literal representation

Circles have such a far reaching and profound meaning, there are so many in our world; the moon, the sun, even the irises and pupils in our eyes. They’re comforting.

For Holly’s business, this universal symbol acts as a signal to her clients that they’ve found a safe place where they will be understood, and where they will be nurtured and coaxed to grow through their fears and struggles.













If you're looking at branding or rebranding your business I'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch here.


If you're not quite ready to dive into a professional brand design you can download my FREE branding guide 'The Blossoming brand Blueprint' here






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Hi! I'm Meg, the Brand Stylist
and designer behind Lemon & Birch.

I would LOVE to help you brand your business in a thoughtful and beautiful way. 

There's no room for meaningless cookie-cutter logo designs here. Let's be intentional about the styles, colours, and imagery we use so that your brand design is infused with your values and resonates deeply with your audience.

Are you ready for a brand evolution?

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