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Logo & Brand Design for Susana Torralbo

I must say that I enjoy working with each and every one of my clients so much, but it is especially novel when my client lives across the sea in Spain and has a different 1st language to me! The Instagram explore page brought Susana Torralbo and I together and she booked to work with me on her rebrand even though speaking on the phone would be difficult - sadly I do not speak Spanish! Susana writes beautifully in English so we communicated only by email and did not have any trouble understanding each other.

Susana is a marketing and communications extraordinaire with online courses and in-person workshops amongst other services, you can see her website here. Before working together she said:

"I have a very solid and defined identity, but my logo is designed by myself and I feel that it is not as professional as it should be. I need to evolve my image without breaking drastically with the current one. By chance, Instagram has taken me to your profile and I felt that you were the perfect person to help me!".

Below you can see the mood board that I put together before we created the branding.

Susana and I were inspired by quirky typography and abstract shapes and drawings, and wanted to create lots of movement and energy within the brand design. I created the main logo with a playful, unusual mix of uppercase and lower case letters, and I used a combination of hand-drawn elements throughout the rest of the branding to make it feel energetic and interesting.

One of Susana's goals was to differentiate herself the competition in her sector as many people had similar brand designs to her. She is sure to stand out with this new design and all the details that combine to create a truly unique look.

Main logo and colour palette

Main logo on original textured background



See the making of the above submark in this video:

Main logo on brand textured background

Font system

Business card design

This was a project where I could let my imagination run wild which was so much fun. Susana really wanted me to think outside the box with this so that she could have a look that differentiated her from her competition!

After working together Susana has also booked to work with me on another project she has in mind. She said:

"I can only congratulate you once again for the great job you have done. It has been a real pleasure to work with you. I have loved how well you have guided me throughout the entire process. It's not just that I like the final result very much, I also want to value your workflow. It's great to feel that someone takes you by the hand and takes you from point A to point B so easily and in such an orderly manner."

If you're looking for a stand-out design for your brand please get in touch, I take on a very limited number of projects each month.

If you're not quite ready to dive into professional branding, you can download my FREE branding guide - The Blossoming Brand Blueprint. Read more about it here.

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Photography by Sophie Carefull 

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