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Logo and branding design for Pippa Parfait

Pippa Parfait from parfaitnotperfect.com approached me for a full refresh of her visual branding, and I was so pleased to have the chance to work with her!

Pippa is an internationally certified Life & Freedom coach, kinesiologist, writer and trainer. She's on a mission to inspire and support women around the world, using her heart-centred but powerful coaching style. She helps women to find another way to live their lives, by reconnecting with their soul values and desires, and using them as their action-taking sat nav.

Pippa had, in the past, had a bad experience with a branding designer and really felt a big disconnect from the look and feel of her brand. She had the technical skills to update her website but didn't have the design skills or know-how to represent herself in the best light.

So that's where I stepped in, we started from the beginning with a Pinterest inspiration board and my brand discovery questionnaire and built something that Pippa is now super proud of. Here's what she said about her new branding:

"Meg was a joy to work with from start to finish. I ended up with more than just new branding, I ended up with a feeling of coming home. The look and feel of my branding is 100% ME and it takes a special sort of designer to achieve that. A superb illustrator, designer and jolly nice person to work with. This is only the beginning of my work with Meg, I can feel many projects on the horizon."

Here's the mood board for Pippa's new branding, we wanted to invoke a sense of the secret garden meets the beach. The outdoors are very grounding for Pippa and it was important that these elements were front and centre in her branding.

Here is a quick snapshot of the initial sketches for the illustrative parts of Pippa’s branding. As mentioned, before we even get here there’s been collaborative work on Pinterest to find inspiration, and research on my end into the business target market and the positioning of the brand. There’s also many iterations of drawings and lots of tracing paper!

The final logo design and secondary version...

The circular version...

Pippa's new business cards...

The gorgeous colour palette...

And some further branding elements for her to overlay over images for her instagram feed.

I also helped Pippa to update her website, there are 3 extra hours of design or consultation time included in my Sparkle branding package, so Pippa told me the limitations of her website builder, and I created a mockup of her homepage for her to recreate.

If you're looking at refreshing your branding, or are starting out brand new, take a look at my branding packages to see what's included and read a little about the process. Please do email me with any questions you have, I'd love to hear about your business!

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Photography by Sophie Carefull 

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