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Logo and branding design for Jessiebakesclean.com

Jess from jessiebakesclean.com approached me via Instagram for a full brand overhaul. We had been following along with each others accounts through a mutual acquaintance and a shared love of cakes and baking. When she asked about my branding packages it seemed like a match made in heaven!

Through Jessiebakesclean, Jess creates clean eating recipes of all varieties, but has a special emphasis on cakes. She loves to create beautiful sweet bakes that are also nutritious and packed full of vitamins and minerals. Organic, locally sourced, and home-grown ingredients are at the heart of jessiebakesclean, so her customers know exactly what they're putting into their bodies, and where those ingredients have come from.

Jess explained that she didn't have a logo yet, but her business had really started to take off so now was the time to get everything looking professional. She'd gone from building her website as a blogging platform for her original, clean eating recipes, to branching out and baking special occassion cakes for events and selling healthy cakes through local shops and markets.

We met over coffee and talked about what she wanted from a logo and brand and her plans for the future of Jessiebakesclean. Jess wanted a clean and fresh look, with modern styling and a nod to the organic and home-grown nature of her cake ingredients. She didn't want her business to look like any other cake baking business, so full on pastel colours were a no-no and cupcakes or other directly kitchen related images were also off the cards.

I started off by pulling together inspiration for the colour palette and look and feel of the brand. I loved the idea of a colour pop and a contrast between bold text and hand drawn elements. I was keen to include some kind of fruit related pattern or drawing as I knew this would work well being a common ingredient in Jessie's baking.

Jess immediately loved the fresh feeling of the mood board, especially the patterned coffee packaging, and the colour contrasts, so with research phase over it was time to start drawing and designing!

I started sketching out the words, initially just thinking about whether a hand-drawn font would work for the word 'Jessie' with a contrasting bold font used for 'bakes' and 'clean'. After doodling the words, I realised that the letter 'J' was a nice shape to emphasise, and I scanned what I'd drawn into the computer to digitise the images. I'd used a thick brush pen to draw, and the result (second image below) was a nice authentic signature look without being to floral or overly feminine.

Next I worked on the image to accompany the logo, most good logos always has some kind of icon or visual representation which can be worked into the brand in various ways. Logos are often shown in a single colour so I knew I'd need to be careful about which fruit I chose to illustrate, some might not be recogniseable or might not have enough detail when drawn in a single colour and scaled down in a logo.

One fruit that popped up in my mind was the strawberry, quintessentially British and very recognisable, I knew it would be perfect for Jessie's brand. The drawing I created is actually a little alpine strawberry plant, they pop up both wild and cultivated in woods, fields, and gardens throughout Britain. The fruits are slightly smaller and grow more upright on their stems as they are lighter, and they taste like little drops of strawberry sherbert. Divine!

I drew inspiration from linocut printing for the style of the drawing. The printing technique often uses single colours, so artists have to be clever about which parts of the design are inked and which parts are actually left blank. The design is carved into a piece of lino in relief, so the sections that haven't been carved would be inked with a roller, and then paper would be pressed over the design.

After drawing the little strawberry plant, I scanned and digitised it, and then played around with the positioning of the strawberries until it looked perfectly in proportio next to the main section of the logo.

I pared down the palette to only 3 main colours, I'm a true believer that less is more when you're creating a memorable look. I kept the bright lime colour, but merged the pink and orange into a coral. This creates a striking contrast and is super distinctive, and the addition of a muted pink softens the whole look.

I also added a gradient/ombre effect to some versions of the logos to mix things up a bit and create a nice distinctive alternative.

The fonts I selected are clean and simple, easy to read, and pair well together. When I work on a full branding overhaul for a client I also provide templates for social media so it's easy to carry the new branding through and keep everything looking consistent. You can see some elements of the branding in action below on one of Jessie's templates for her blog and pinterest.

Overall, this was a dream project to work on, and I'm thrilled I got to help Jess to make her business look and feel more professional. See Jessie over on Instagram.

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Photography by Sophie Carefull 

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