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Logo and brand design for Folk Rose Beauty - Natural Skincare Products

Sofia from Folk Rose Beauty found me via Pinterest and contacted me with her idea for a range of skincare products with natural and simple ingredients.

She needed a her whole brand designing which entails logo designs, a colour palette, font system, and illustrations for her brand, as well as product packaging design and product mockups to show to her packaging manufacturer.

Her products are inspired by the natural skincare regimes passed down from the wise older women in her life. She wanted to start her range small with 3 products that would form a simple skincare routine.

Sofia said:

"My story and inspiration for my beauty line was anytime I speak or ask older women like my mother and grandmother for their beauty routines it was always something super simple. For example 'I clean my skin with olive oil, and drink a glass of milk everyday'. So my goal was to come up with only three super clean, creamy, moisturizing products that can be used from teen years all the way to elder years. In the future I can add additional products."

Sofia and I were inspired by folk art and pretty embroidered floral patterns on clothing for this project, and we wanted to create a modern take on vintage, bohemian styling.

I couldn't wait to get started with this project and it was such joy to work on!

I began by reading though Sofia's Brand Discovery Questionnaire answers and looking over all the inspiration images she had added to a Pinterest board for me.

After doing some research into the skincare market and her competitors, I pulled together a mood board for a design concept that I thought would be both beautiful and unique for Sofia's skincare line.

Please not that the images on the above mood board are sourced from various places and are not images that I own - they are for inspiration purposes only.

After a few tweaks to the mood board to really hone in on the correct look, it was time to work on the original designs.

It's important at the beginning of a branding project to ask and make sure I know where all the designs I'm creating are going to be used. Because I knew that the logo designs were going to be used on bottles and on a small glass jar I could almost reverse engineer the process, thinking first about how florals could be used to decorate the bottles, and how the text for 'Folk Rose Beauty' would fit in around those flowers.

What came to mind was a lovely arch shape with the logo text at the bottom and all the florals above it in a symmetrical pattern, similar to folk flower embroidery on clothing. I knew this would work well printed on the front of a bottle, and there could be more lines of text underneath for the product names and anything else that needed to feature on the bottle.

You can see some of the sketching and design process for the various branding elements on the video below, captured on my iPad Pro with the drawing app Procreate.

I work using the 'one concept' approach, which means that although I explore various options during the design process (you can see some of that at the beginning of the video above), I always choose the strongest concept to present to my client.

They do not see the 3 or 5 other designs I've tried before I land on the strongest concept. This gives me chance to put a huge amount of effort into the concept that really rings true to my clients goals for their brand and the concept that marries the design style that they will love with elements that will resonate with their target market.

It makes the whole process so much easier for the business owners I work with. They know that I work hard behind the scenes and the final design I present to them is rooted in strategy and thought.

Sofia loved the first brand design concept I sent to her, you can see that first pdf presentation here!

After Sofia provided her feedback we completed two refinement rounds to fine tune all the details and settled on the design detailed on this final pdf presentation here.

As you can see from the pdf presentations, the first designs I sent over are not wildly different from the final designs we settled on, and this has been the case with almost all the clients I've worked with over the past two years! My brand design process is something that I've really honed over the years I've been in business and I would not go back to offering many concepts for my clients to choose from. The one concept approach it truly works brilliantly for me.

The final brand design for Folk Rose Beauty's natural skincare products has a sense of nostalgia but still feels current, and the California poppies and wild rose featured in the design hold meaning for my client.

The custom folk themed typography means the brand name can be used on it’s own or with the floral elements to give lots of variety.

See the final logo elements and product mockups below!

If you are interested in working with me or you have any questions about my brand design process please get in touch!

If you're not quite ready to dive into professional branding, you can download my FREE branding guide - The Blossoming Brand Blueprint. Read more about it here.

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Photography by Sophie Carefull 

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