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Logo and brand design for The Prairie Wellness Co. - Beloit, Kansas

My lovely client Kim lives in Beloit, Kansas. She’s going to be offering massage therapy and bodywork for her local community, with the view to offering other wellness services and products in the future. Kim is really passionate about bringing the gentle touch of massage therapy to people who perhaps haven’t thought about having therapy like this before. She’s initially focussing on the elderly members of her community that she knows will benefit so much from the gentle Comfort Touch therapy she provides. We thought a lot about the name of Kim’s business and decided on The Prairie Wellness Co. because the word Prairie paints such a beautiful picture of calming, wide open spaces, and the Great Plains are such a large part of life in the area.

By using the word 'Wellness' Kim has left room for her business to grow so she can offer other services in the future. We also wanted the name to sound classic, elegant, and luxurious, and those small qualifying words ‘the’ and ‘co.’ add that subtle bit of assertiveness. There’s a mixture of hand-drawn, serif, AND sans serif typography in this one, which is not something I would usually suggest, but in this case it works!

Customising the elegant type with wild flowers brings in a whimsical nature that tones down the luxury to make the business feel accessible to many age groups.

See all the details of the brand design below starting with the mood board.

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Photography by Sophie Carefull 

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