Getting Creative

With Typography

Today I'm sharing in more detail about two ways I get creative with my typography projects! I wrote a blog post talking through 6 different methods that a lot of your were interested in (6 Creative Typography Ideas), so I'm showing you exactly how I go about two of the methods in this video. In future tutorials I'll go into detail about the other ways too!

For this tutorial I'm using Adobe Illustrator, but you could use any vector based software.

I won't go through the steps for each in writing this time because it's really best that you see how it works inside Illustrator, but you can also refer to the blog post for more information and examples.


Here are the timestamps if you want to skip ahead at any point :)

1:00 Typing onto a wavy path

5:36 Using this within a logo design

8:28 Using this on a social media post

12:14 Embellishing text for a logo design

The links and resources mentioned in the video are as follows:



Tryst font download

Duarose font purchase

Who am I?

Hello you! I'm Meg, a self-taught designer from Wales in the UK.

Back in 2014 I was working an admin job and hoping there was more to life. I decided enough was enough and in a few short years I talked my way into a graphic design role with no prior experience (just a serious work ethic!), went on to work freelance at design agencies, and later, set up my own business - Lemon & Birch.

I've always forged my own path and I'm here to make things just that little bit easier for you.

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